Nine ambassadors present credentials to Kagame

President Paul Kagame Wednesday received letters of credence from Ambassadors of India, Austria, Angola, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, Slovakia, Argentina, and the Philippines.

Two of the nine ambassadors have offices in Kigali with one having an office in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania while six others have offices in Nairobi, Kenya.

Among ambassadors who presented credentials to President Kagame is Ambassador of India, Oscar Kerketta becoming India’s first Ambassador to operate in Kigali after India opened its embassy in Kigali.

After presenting his credentials to President Kagame, Ambassador Kerketta said he will mostly focus on improving bilateral relations after India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s visit in Rwanda that saw two countries signing eight finance agreements worth $200 million.

The agreements include investments and projects to boost agriculture through irrigation projects.

Ambassador Eduardo Filomeno Leiro Octávio of Angola said, after presenting his credentials to President Kagame, that the activity marked both nations mutual will to boost bilateral political and economic relations.

He said Rwanda and Angola’s relations are improving as Angola offers tourist visa for Rwandans on arrival. Oshen Health Care, an Angolan international medical firm has invested $24 million in King Faysal Hospital with plans to set up an internationally standardized heart surgery Centre in Rwanda by 2020.

The Ambassador of Austria to Rwanda, Dr. Christian Fellner, revealed that the Chancellor of Austria who also doubles as current Chairperson of the European Union, Sebastian Kurz will on Friday, be in Rwanda for an official visit.

“Austria and Rwanda have good relations which we plan to strengthen. Many delegates will come to Kigali including a group of traders who will visit Rwanda Development Board (BRD), different organs and in the near future, Members of Austrian Parliament will also visit Rwanda,” said Ambassador Christian Fellner.

“On Friday, Our Head of State will be in Kigali. He with President Kagame will hold talks on a conference to be held in Vienna on December 18, this year,” he added.

Prof. Dr. Ratlan Pardede representing Indonesia said his utmost target is to develop trade and investments between the two countries through the private sector.

“My goal is to accelerate economic growth through trade between Indonesia and Rwanda. Trade volumes between Rwanda increased from $4 million to $7 million in 2017,” Ambassador Pardede said.

Other ambassadors who presented their letters of credence to President Kagame include Australia’s Ambassador to Rwanda, Alison Helena Chartres, Ambassador Fernando Estellita Lins de Salvo Coimbra of Brazil to Rwanda, František Dlhopolček, Ambassador of Slovakia to Rwanda, Ambassador Marti Gómez of Argentina and Ambassador Uriel Garibay of the Republic of Philippines to Rwanda.