Rwanda concerned over Lack of investors in Flower Industry

The National Agriculture Export Board (NAEB) has announced lack of investors in flower Industry though the sector contributes much to the Economic growth.

Rwanda currently grows summer flowers on a small-scale mostly by co-operatives and individual farmers, which it sells locally and in Europe
Epimaque Nsanzabaganwa, the Head of Horticulture Division revealed that in Rwanda “there is a problem of investors in this sector as well as high transport cost during the exportation to the outside market.”

He said the income from the sector is still less due to small production.

In a recent interview with RBA, the head of NAEB Amb. George William KAYONGA said “Market is not a problem. But satisfying the market remains a challenge to us”
He added that there is a project at the Gishari Flower Park in Rwamagana District that is expected to start production of cut flowers and that will contribute to the increase of flower production to satisfy the market.

Last Year Rwanda generated $5.2 million from Horticulture business. It is expected that this year $12.8 million will be generated from that sector which also eyes $ 25.4 million in the year 2018.

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