Rwandans meet at Westminster Magistrates’ Court to demand the release of Gen. Karake

Rwandans from different countries are set to meet at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in UK to demand immediate and unconditional release of Lt. Gen. Karenzi Karake who was arrested following what they confirm as unfounded politically motivated accusations, IGIHE reports.

Yesterday citizens released a statement saying that "We the people of Rwanda from all walks of life we were deeply disappointed by UK’s decision to accept to be used by pro-genocide groups and arrest Gen Karenzi Karake over unfounded Politically motivated accusations."

Gen Karake was arrested based on the Spanish judge indictment that has been challenged by many experts including UN Pannel of experts.
Karake is due to appear in court in London today.

Protests against the arrest began yesterday in Rwanda but IGIHE has learnt that the Rwandan Diaspora is meeting at Westminster Magistrates’ Court until UK releases Lt. Gen. Karenzi whom they say, has played unforgettable role in stopping the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.
Protesters will come from UK, France, Netherlands as well as Belgium.

One of the protesters said “We will not leave this place until the release of Karake. They arrested him because he chased them during the turquoise operation and they are against the development of rwanda and its President”


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